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Title: Oct 2008: Steampunk
Post by: Nouk on September 17, 2008, 11:20:07 AM
Enjoy <3

Title: Re: *Oct Asp Set* Steampunk! Upload thread!
Post by: |Noora|Violent| on September 17, 2008, 08:03:05 PM
Steampunk Gloves.

Two fingerless leather gloves based on Bloom's (http://www.digitalperversion.net/gardenofshadows/index.php?topic=3407.0) gloves mesh which is included.

Title: Re: *Oct Asp Set* Steampunk! Upload thread!
Post by: subKitten on September 20, 2008, 11:06:31 AM
1 AF Inventor's Apron using Liana's Mesh (included)

SteamPunk Earrings in 3 colors (gold, bronze, silver) using Simchic's mesh (included)

www.lianasims2.net (outfit mesh)
www.simchic.com (earrings)
Title: Re: *Oct Asp Set* Steampunk! Upload thread!
Post by: Problematique on September 21, 2008, 10:36:28 PM
Introspectre I
Metal floor/ceiling(in AL only) tiles.

[Larger Preview (http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3276/2877555891_dd49b894fb_o.jpg)]

Introspectre II
Retexture's of ATS2's Mystic Living room (http://www.aroundthesims2.com/) Ouija board. Mesh is included.

[Larger Preview (http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3190/2892900215_25a46deae8_o.jpg)]

Introspectre III
Retextures of the 'More Romantic Than You' bed from Apartment Life. Five frame & four bedding textures.
Please make sure that you have the latest version of the CEP (http://www.modthesims2.com/showthread.php?t=92541), otherwise you won't see the frames, only bedding.
Title: Re: *Oct Asp Set* Steampunk! Upload thread!
Post by: GhanimaAtreides on September 22, 2008, 12:05:04 PM
Prototype - Inventor's Sketches


Grungy sketches for a worktable or inventor's wall. Seven in total, original art by Promus-Kaa @ DeviantArt.com

Meshes by Club Crimsyn (http://www.clubcrimsyn.com/) and Pixelhate (http://hideki.modthesims2.com/member.php?u=26277) included

Vestiges of the Future - Book Display


Mesh by lethe_s (http://hideki.modthesims2.com/member.php?u=50252) included

Aeronaut (AM) and Anachromaniac (AF) - Steampunk Outfits


Link to larger, clearer picture (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v48/Ghanima/Sims/Creations/SteampunkOutfits_big.jpg)

For the genius and the ingenious, both ladies and gents get one outfit.

New meshes by me are included, and both have a working fat morph.
Title: Re: *Oct Asp Set* Steampunk! Upload thread!
Post by: sleepless_angel on September 23, 2008, 11:33:38 AM
Hidden Place
4 Necklaces for AF & AM
3 Rings for AF & TF
Custom icons. Meshes included.

Credit & Thanks
Aikea Guinea @ www.clubcrimsyn.com/
Crechebaby @ www.simchic.com/
Triple choker recolor available @ www.wickedsims2.com/forums.
Title: Re: *Oct Asp Set* Steampunk! Upload thread!
Post by: Nymphy on September 26, 2008, 08:42:42 AM

Light Bulb Moment/Goggle Accessories

Every steampunk sim needs a decent pair of these! These goggles have dark metal frames and rich amber lenses. There are two for males and one for females. I've also enabled these to be layerable. They use fantastic meshes by xizarz at GoS (http://www.digitalperversion.net/gardenofshadows/index.php?topic=5851.0), which are included. Thank you to her for the meshes!


JosiahHair/Male Coiffure

Set of four hairs. These have natural dreads, and also bright cyber plastic hair pieces done in a low ponytail tied by a brocade bandana. There are four combinations and these all have a natural base colour (e.g, red hair with purple cyber dreads) so are therefore binned, and family linked. These are for adult males only, and are linked to one grey. All other ages have been removed. The mesh is by Aikea Guinea from ClubCrimsyn  (http://www.clubcrimsyn.com/)and is included. Thank you to her for the mesh!

Mechanical Lore/Female Wardrobe
Casual wear for steampunk females busy in the workshop. Mesh is by Shatarja from GoS (http://www.digitalperversion.net/gardenofshadows/index.php?topic=4420.0) and is included, thank you to her! There are three outfits in this set and they all have a faded top with detailed underbust corset, arm gloves, patterned trousers and coloured metal boots. These are for Everyday AdultFemale only.
Title: Re: *Oct Asp Set* Steampunk! Upload thread!
Post by: JenW on September 29, 2008, 06:31:48 PM
Aethra Diving Helmets

Decorative diving helmets to decorate any steampunk submarine. Three new meshes in three colors. Base game compatible. The upright helmet is the master mesh! Without it, the upside down and sideways helmet meshes will not work.

Faces: 1598
Vertices: 1793

Special thanks to Azaya of GoS for her huge help in getting these working!

Title: Re: *Oct Asp Set* Steampunk! Upload thread!
Post by: migamoo on October 02, 2008, 05:10:36 PM

The Wild Ride
One new mesh with three colors for your Steampunk females.
Faces: 2550, Vertices: 2042
Title: Re: *Oct Asp Set* Steampunk! Upload thread!
Post by: icedmango on October 04, 2008, 12:40:29 AM
Earl Vincent Duncke in his alchemy lab
(Full Sim)

click on picture to enlarge
(http://img386.imageshack.us/img386/4063/earl1ba2.jpg) (http://img123.imageshack.us/img123/7636/earl1bigzp6.jpg)

click on picture to enlarge
(http://img529.imageshack.us/img529/124/earl2se3.jpg) (http://img49.imageshack.us/img49/332/earl2biguf9.jpg)

Outfit actually made by me, but:
Outfit Mesh by http://www.all-about-style.com, bodywarmer and tie texture by All about style, Suit Jacket by me, pants texture by Aikea-guinea (TSR)
Goggles by http://www.thesimsresource.com/profiles/1702365/
Coffin Ring by http://linna.modthesims2.com/member.php?u=1374247 (Adele)
Face lightnings /Nose make-up by http://linna.modthesims2.com/member.php?u=57347 (Navetsea)
Skintone by http://linna.modthesims2.com/member.php?u=225481 (teru_k)
Lipgloss by http://ephemera.cn/e-studio
Hat by Maxis

Thanks to the creators for these items!
Title: Re: *Oct Asp Set* Steampunk! Upload thread!
Post by: ana on October 04, 2008, 04:07:20 PM
Steampunk Youth from Ana@66S
2 Outfits for Teen Male (Mars) and Female (Jupiter)
Meshes by Dave/Doumeki included.


(link to larger picture: http://i37.tinypic.com/28rgkzb.jpg)
Title: Re: *Oct Asp Set* Steampunk! Upload thread!
Post by: nhstitan18 on October 04, 2008, 06:45:44 PM
Steampunk Posters
Recolor of "Surfing the Universe" aka Alien on Surfboard
All images were found with Google.


Link to larger:  http://i33.tinypic.com/2aep9jk.jpg
Title: Re: *Oct Asp Set* Steampunk! Upload thread!
Post by: Nouk on October 13, 2008, 06:10:43 AM
Techie hair
Long ponytail with messy bangs for your female technician!

- Teen and up
- 4 colors
- png file (brown) included seperately
(if you want to recolor, use this for better quality alpha and texture)
- 2165 vertices, 3248 faces


Enjoy!  :D

Title: Re: Oct 2008: Steampunk
Post by: Bliss on October 21, 2008, 10:25:14 AM
Project Clockwork


Outfits and accesories for adult females.

You've always wanted to build your own Steampunk lady - here is your construction kit. A sim is just like a mechanism, like a clockwork. This kit includes:

3 different prototypes available:

Type 1: Your sim's wish is to set off to explore unknown territories and overcome mysterious perils - the map printed on the corset will help her find her way and the distressed top combined with striped pirate-pants grants her an aura of a tough adventurer.

Type 2: Your sim is a sophisticated lady, who shines most when dressed in style but doesn't want to give up on her comfort. This outfit represents both with its delicately patterned corset, classy pinestriped pants and lots of exquisite lace.

Type 3: All your sim can think about is experimenting with complicated and odd mechanisms or potions, trying to discover the dark matter or the principles that hold the universe together from within and make it work. Wearing this corset with its extravagant clockwork print, the comfortable striped shirt and the gloves, that protect her skin from whatever dangers her experiments may hold, and the plain pants with four practical pockets with lots of room for her tools, only one question will remain unanswered to you - what is it that she is hiding in those pockets?

The mesh for these 3 outfits is by me and included, it has working morphs.

Click the links to see the additional previews.

3 x distressed googles with smokey coloured lenses (http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e293/noirmuse/ARsets/Goggles.jpg) - invaluable especially for inventors and adventurers. Meshes by xizarx  (http://www.digitalperversion.net/gardenofshadows/index.php?topic=5851.0)included.

4 x clock pendant + 1 x special pendant necklaces (http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e293/noirmuse/ARsets/Clockpendants.jpg) - to add Steampunk extravagance to everything. Mesh by Aikea Guinea (http://www.clubcrimsyn.com/) included.

4 x necklaces (http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e293/noirmuse/ARsets/Necklaces.jpg) - because mechanics can be aesthetics too. Mesh by Liana (http://www.lianasims2.net/) included.

All files are clearly labeled so you can easily sort out what you want. Pictures included within the .rar.

Thanks and credits to everyone who helped me with this, especially Noora and migamoo. =]

Policy - Convert, chop up and reuse bits, recolour, hack and upload as much as you want. Just please credit me and letting me know what you did would be great too. Oh and keep it free, of course.