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Title: Terms Of Use
Post by: Nouk on October 10, 2011, 12:25:17 PM
TOU (Terms of Use) for Nouk
Edited juli 15th 2010

Hi, thanks for reading this! I hope you enjoy my stuff!

You may include my stuff with your downloads, edit meshes, edit recolors, use textures, use mesh parts, can do basically anything you want, providing:

- you post it on 100% free sites only
- the item has the same policy as the original (no diva)
- you credit me
- don't convert my sims 2 hairs to sims 3 UNLESS you are Anubis 360

SIMS 3, no converting? Why not?

The meshes are usually not suitable for Sims 3. They are pretty low poly and mostly use the texture to add details, and in Sims 3 this looks bad. So I'd rather not have them converted.

Except if you're Anubis360 because he is holding my family hostage. He can just go ahead and do it. *cries*